Beautiful design & Premium Quality

Bring the full yoga experience into your child’s life, with their own cute yoga mat. Designed to engage kids in mindful practices our mats are safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly. 

Alice Scott, Kids Yoga Teacher

“It makes the whole yoga experience more important for children by actually having their own mats.”

Kids love it!

Yoga practice is more fun on a cute and fluffy yoga mat! Kids use the Little Sun Warrior mat both for play as well as children's yoga practice. Keeping it fun helps your little one stay engaged!  

Safe yoga experience

Unlike generic mats LittleSunWarrior's children mat are made of natural and non-toxic materials.  This means you can feel safe letting your kids use Little Sun Warrior mats. 
Our mat is free from PVC, TPA, silicone, phthalic, toxic glue and chlorine.

In harmony with Earth

Made of eco friendly and biodegradable materials our mats live in harmony with the natural environment. You can enjoy yoga with your children and limit your impact on the environment.

Premium Quality & fluffy Upper-side

High quality
Fluffy upper-side
Absorbs sweat
Natural rubber 
Non-slip surface 
Soft and durable



Smaller size dedicated for children's yoga 150x60 cm (59x23 inches). The yoga mat is small enough that it doesn’t cramp your space, but still big enough so that kids will be able to use it, both for play and for exercise, for years to come.


Hand & Machine washable

You can wash the mat in a washing machine with cool water. You can also hand wash the mat with the use of a cleanser and a towel. To extend the life of the mat, we suggest not to machine wash too often.


Soft & nice in touch

You will love the quality of the Little Sun Warrior mat. The rubbery underside (3mm) makes the mat soft and gentle for your little yogi. The top of it is covered with soft and fluffy jute microfibre texture.


No Chemical Smell

Made of natural rubber the yoga mat does not smell of chemicals like many of the other mats. Natural rubber may have a bit of a smell at the very begging but it fades away quickly.


Non-slip & durable

The rubbery underside of the mat is stable and will not slip, so you don’t have to worry about your children sliding in any yoga position. The high quality materials not only absorb sweat but are also very durable.


Playful cute design

Kids love the designs and enchanting colours of the Little Sun Warrior mats. Brightly coloured and eye catching, this yoga mat is a great motivator for your children to do their exercise.

NEW ZEALAND BRAND with GLObal Presence

Born in one of the most beautiful countries in the world New Zealand, Little Sun Warrior deeply cares about the natural environment. That is why our mats are made of natural materials and eco friendly. 

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